The Sik Boys

My first official patrol in the city of Portland went pretty well.  I met up with Antiman, who I knew from a few years prior during a meet up led by Zetaman up in Seattle, and met for the first time Icarus.  Antiman is a very tall guy who is in all black, except for the crow emblem on his chest, and Icarus is a shorter guy who sports white and blue.  The plan for the night was to show me around one of their usual patrol areas in the SE area.  This area is near the river and also encompasses what we call the “tweaker caves”.  The Tweaker Caves are known for drug trade, drug use, homeless habitation, and gang meet ups.  Antiman informed me that he hadn’t patrolled the caves in a while, but the last time he was there it was virtually empty.

We walked down to a highway, crossed it, and headed for the Tweaker Caves.  The caves stretch on for about a 1/4 mile.  When we got to them, the terrain was very uneven, there was no light (except for our flashlights), and there’s a swift 30′-40′ drop constantly.  We began looking for items suggesting drug use and graffiti.  It took us about 20 minutes to get pictures and look into the area.  Icarus is fast and agile, allowing him to get to strange spaces easily.  Antiman is super knowledgeable about the area and filled me in on a bit of history on the caves.  We found at least 10 needles, possibly used for drug injections.  The graffiti was predominantly smiley faces (Deadheads), 1903, and FOLK Nation tags.

Two photos from the patrol:

Drug Graffiti

Drug Graffiti

FOLK Nation Tag

FOLK Nation Tag

We ended the night by heading back to where we started, but not before alerting the police to the needles that we saw and photographed. The caves were being occupied by at least a half dozen homeless, who we left alone. All in all, it was a good first patrol to learn this particular area.

The Second Patrol
The second patrol was just me and Antiman. We were going to go photograph graffiti in the Tweaker Caves.  Again, we crossed the highway, but were immediatly confronted by two homeless people heading down to the caves.  The older lady was in a wheelchair and her “boyfriend”, a young guy of about 20-28 years old, was helping her out.  The lady informed us that we had a hit out on our heads by the Sik Boys.  The boyfriend told us that he was part of the gang, but he was super quiet.  We had a tough time hearing him all the way.  The Sik Boys (in media its spelled Sick, but they tag their stuff Sik), as we were told, have accused us of stealing.  We don’t know what they think we stole, but we did try to smooth things out with these two so they could spread the word to the others that we are real life superheroes and we fight crime.  They left us with a warning that the gang was down there waiting for us.

We decided to not go down into the caves.  Instead, we crossed the highway again, walked a few blocks and got ourselves to the bike path at the bottom of the drop from the caves.  There’s a fence between the caves and the bike path.  We began our walk and just observed.  We detected 12-15 loud individuals.  Lights went out as we started our walk.  We even had some large rocks thrown at us, but they got caught along the fence.  Now we had a feel for them.  We turned around and decided to do some research on the Sik Boys.

Sik Boys
The Sik Boys is a large gang made up of street kids.  They’re associated with murders, drugs, and stealing cars.  They murder and are violent based on rumors and misinformation.  They’re a huge gang that’s nation-wide.


Street Kids ~ Portland (Oregon)
Police calling group street gang KATU News
4 Gang Members Arrested After Parties Crashed Orlando Sentinel

Let’s Make Peace
A group of us scheduled a time to go down towards the caves to make peace and work things out with the Sik Boys.  This patrol got cancelled due to everyone’s schedules.  We’ve kept our eyes on the Sik Boys though and are fairly sure that they aren’t going to listen to reason.
Sik Boy Warnings

These guys are a gang of homeless and street kids.  While we don’t expect them to have much access to guns, we do expect them to have makeshift shivs, knives, pipes, and other items that can harm you.  Please be careful if you come across a group of the Sik Boys.